1. Corrosion Resistant

GRP products are known for their capacity to give corrosion resistance in the harshest conditions and chemical exposures. When compare to metal, GRP products won’t rust or corrode and will keep on maintain structural integrity over time.
We offers the largest choice of polymer formulations for products, each particularly developed to solve particular environmental and performance requirements.

2. Lightweight

The property of light weight GRP products result in products that weigh significantly less than metals. The specific density of steel is four times higher than that of GRP. GRP’s lighter weight permits simple removal for access. The lighter in weight GRP products can save transportation expenses and establishment costs.

3. Electrically & Thermally Non-Conductive

GRP is electrically non-conductive prompting to increased safety with conductive materials that is of metals. Additionally GRP has a low thermal conductivity i.e. of heat occurs at a lower rate, resulting about a more comfortable product surface when physical contact happens.

4. High Strength

GRP has a high strength to weight ratio when contrasted with conventional materials like metal.GRP products can be designed to be sufficiently strong enough to carry vehicular loads while as yet being one-half lesser the weight of steel.

5. Fire Retardant

Most GRP products are designed to have a flame spread of 25 or less as tested as per ASTM E-84. Additionally GRP meet the self extinguishing requirements of ASTM D-635.

6. UV Resistant

Glass fiber profiles are formulated for maximum Ultra Violate (UV) resistance. Special additives are available to increase the UV resistance.

7. Low Deformation

Glass fiber Reinforced composite products returns to the original position without any permanent deflection or distortion with allowable loads.

8. Ergonomic

The properties of GRP materials make adaptable items that can facilitate to reduce strain on work man muscles and making a most comfortable working surface. The ergonomic highlights of GRP products can decrease laborer fatigue and increased productivity.

9. Low Installation Cost

GRP products can be easily and quickly cut with common hand tools. Welding and hot processes are not necessary with products. GRP products can be easily installed with clips and fasteners by its light weight advantage. Installation of GRP material should be possible without utilizing heavy lifting equipment & machinery, and require less manpower.

10. Low Maintenance

The durability and corrosion resistance of GRP molded and pultruded products lessen or eliminate the requirement of heavy maintenances.
No need of regular or preventive maintenances like painting, sand blasting etc. When compare with replacement and shut down costs the GRP is the cheaper solution when compare with metals.

11. Long Service Life

GRP products give remarkable durability and corrosion resistance in requesting applications, giving improved product life over conventional materials. The life span of GRP products give cost savings over the product’s life cycle. Installed costs are less a result of the ease of installation. Maintenance costs lessen due to there is less downtime in ares where requiring maintenance, and the expenses of replacement the corroded steel, disposing, and removing the corroded metals is eliminated.

GRP Material Vs Conventional Materials

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